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  • 中文

    Ⅰ.Enterprise Visions:achieve great undertakings, and dragon goes around the world.

    Ⅱ.Enterprise Missions:make the people  live and work in peace .

    Ⅲ.Core Value:achieve the ideal for  employees, creating value for  society.

    Ⅳ.Enterprise Spirits:teamwork, commitment, innovation, contribution.

    Ⅴ.Operation Concepts:good faith and commitment to excellence.

    Ⅵ.Management Concepts:responsibilities, effectiveness, excellence, harmony.

    Ⅶ.Behavior Principles:stricter disciplines, faster working, better quality and more benefits.

    Ⅷ.Enterprise Belief: all wishes come true.

    Ⅸ.Humanistic Philosophies:Cheng Long staffs are our valuable assets, Cheng Long culture is our source of progress.

    Ⅹ.Management Goals: let everybody fully displays his talents, make best value of money. Make the best use of everything as well as from each according to his ability.

    Ⅺ.Service Goals:customer satisfaction plus customer satisfaction.

    Ⅻ.Safety Goals: prevention foremost, life first.