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    Understanding to The Logo:

            Basic elements consist of red bricks and a trowel, meaning construction enterprise. The formation of the three layers of concise and visual red bricks is like "C", namely, the first pronunciation letter of "Cheng", and the formation of the second red brick is like "L”, namely, the first pronunciation letter of "Long", the ingenious combination of sound and image makes the logo being full of specific connotation, namely, "Cheng Long construction".

    Auxiliary Logo:

           It consists of 6 step-shaped straight lines with unequal length, it is put above "cljs”, just like the enterprise reaching steps, it is designed according to the company's history and current situation, which means that the enterprise rapidly develops and grows up, and at the same time, the enterprise is still in developing condition, there is a long way to go, and furthermore, the enterprise will stride forward to the higher steps. On the other hand, the combination of the 6 unequal-length lines and enterprise name adds dynamic composition to the static main logo to intensify the expressive force of the main logo.


           There are two kinds of meanings, from the aspect of word, "Long" of the "Cheng Long"-the name of group is corresponding to the mascot "dragon". And on the other hand, dragon is one of the Chinese traditional great four mascots, and is the god adored by our Chinese people, and it emblems positive spirit. Dragon is used as mascot to embody the motivated, tenacious and positive spiritual outlook of the enterprise. And at the same time, dragon also represents the wonderful land of China, which means that development of the enterprise will throughout the country.