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    Viewing Experience Activity For The Safety Education Of Safety Manager In Yiwu Construction Enterprise Is Smoothly Held In The Site Of Cheng Long Construction Museum And Art Gallery



          It was reported that from August 22 to 23, 2017, the viewing experience activity for the safety education of safety manager in construction enterprise organized by Yiwu Urban Management Committee was held in the site of China Commercial & Trade Museum undertaken by Cheng Long Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Yiwu Art Gallery. The activity is sponsored by Yiwu Urban Management Committee and undertaken by Cheng Long Construction Group Co., Ltd. The enterprise with third level municipal general contractor for constructional engineering, nonlocal constructional-engineering general contractor enterprise entering into Yiwu, and other relevant personnel of the belonging project, as well as the administrative staff of each state-owned platform company attend the activity. Huang Haiyang, the vice president of Yiwu Urban Investment Group and the like personally go to the site personally for viewing and experiencing. 

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          Through this activity, the personnel and competent department attending the activity highly receive the advanced personnel safety management education, leading construction site standardization and information construction for the museum and art gallery projects undertaken by Cheng Long Construction, which further manifests the good image of Cheng Long construction site and enterprise style.