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    Celebration To  The Successful Perforation Of The Yiwu Wangdao Power Transmission & Transformation Pipe Jacking Undertaken By Cheng Long Urban Rail Transit


    祝贺成龙轨道承建的义乌望道输变电隧道工程顺利贯通(吴 改).jpg


             It is reported that recently, the Yiwu Wangdao Power Transmission & Transformation pipe jacking undertaken by Cheng Long Construction Group Urban Rail Transit Construction Company has bored cut through smoothly. The project started construction in August 2016, and as the first hard rock electric power tunnel in Zhejiang province, it is the important power hub to the main urban area in north central part of Yiwu city and International Trade City areas, and the engineering construction is highly valued by leaders at all levels. It is reported that the project is located in the northwest side of the intersection between the Shopping Mall Avenue and Mid. Zijin Road of the Yiwu urban area, and the project mainly includes 1 mainline tunnel and 3 branch tunnels, and it is mainly connected by 6 electric cable wells, the construction of the tunnel between No.2 well and No.5 well interval is implemented via pipe jacking method, the overall length of the mainline tunnel is about 1.901KM, and total investment is 350 million Yuan. The tunnel engineering will effectively solve the problem of power supply in Yiwu Silk Road New District after being completed and put in operation, so as to promote the Yiwu economic development. The whole line of the project is located in hilly land of Yiwu city, belonging to the typical compound stratum, geological condition is highly diversified, and the strength of local hard rock is up to 100MPa above. Adhering to the management idea of "geology as basis, equipment as the key and staff first", Cheng Long rail project team overcomes difficulties, thoroughly understands geological condition and invites domestic famous shield machine expert to customize the construction machinery, and furthermore, the machinery is manufactured by the domestic largest tunneling manufacturer, namely, China Railway Equipment. Just because Cheng Long Rail gives more thoughts on the core elements of "personnel, machine, material, method and environment", the project can achieve high-quality and safe connection.

            Decade of grinding sword, since entering into the field of subway tunnel construction in 2003, Cheng Long Rail Company has worked steadily, adhered to craftsmanship spirit, wined the market with quality and built the word of mouth via reputation, so as to pay back the government and vast owners' great supports!