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    Field Subject-Viewing Meeting For "Improving Quality, Promoting Green Building And Setting Up Benchmark" Is Grandly Held In The Oujiang New District of Wenzhou City Undertaken By Cheng Long Construction



          It is reported that in the afternoon of October 13, 2017, there were crowds of people in the central construction project site nearby the Oujiang Estuary New District in Wenzhou city, and the field subject-viewing and exchange meeting for "improving quality, promoting green building and setting up benchmark" was grandly held in the Oujiang Estuary New District of Wenzhou city. About 200 people, including the administrative staff of Shanghai Construction, North Landscaping, Weima Automobile, Tianjin Hailin and other construction in process in the Oujiang Estuary New District, attended the meeting.



          The project is located in Oujiang Estuary New District of Wenzhou city, and its major function is a block of integrated community commerce and hotel with the building height of 68.89m and covered area of 59,462m2. The field viewing meeting is held in the central construction site nearby the Oujiang Estuary New District of Cheng Long construction to fully show that the project management practice of Cheng Long construction is trusted and confirmed by the leaders of the Oujiang Estuary New District.